Weaving Workshops

Anyone can be a weaver and historically, just about everybody has been. Weaving isn’t exclusive to any one culture or function. It’s found all over the world and is used to make all sorts of objects from the rug underneath your feet to the clothes on your back, the basket on your bicycle and that unicorn tapestry warming up your castle walls. Weaving can be used as a means to an end or a creative meditation in its own right.

The workshops I teach focus on tapestry, a style of weaving most often used for wall hangings and other decorative objects. Tapestry is a fairly free form practice that relies less on the rigid rules and mathematical structures of traditional cloth weaving and more on the vision and whim of the artist. Tapestry allows us to use yarn and fiber to creatively express ourselves through color, shape, texture and imagery.

I offer a variety of workshops in Portland, OR, the Pacific Northwest (and beyond!) throughout the year to explore tapestry weaving in it’s many forms. With the right tools and a few essential skills and techniques, you’ll soon have everything you need to explore weaving in your own way. Almost all classes are very limited in size to ensure that everyone gets all the help they need to start a successful weaving practice and private lessons are also available. Please take a look through my available workshops and check out the calendar at the bottom of the page for additional classes and events.

Through weaving I receive so much joy. Through teaching I am honored to share that joy with others. I can’t wait to weave with you!


Beginning Weaving Workshop

During this hands-on workshop you'll learn how to set up your loom, weave simple shapes, create textures and finish your weaving.  We'll cover terms and techniques to help unravel the mysteries of weaving so you can continue on your own with confidence.  Materials will be provided to use during class to start (and maybe finish!) your own woven wall hanging.  You'll leave the workshop with a new skill set and a basic loom kit with all the essentials.

Upcoming Classes: August 25th 2019


Intermediate Weaving Workshop:

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes: Color Gradations and Transitions in Weaving

In this class you'll learn three different methods of blending one yarn into the next.  We'll use subtle shifts and mathematical balance (no actual math required!) to smoothly transition between hues and values.   The techniques you'll learn in this class can be used for plain weave, shapes and textured weaves on any type of loom.


Intermediate Weaving Workshop:

How the #*@%! do I weave that?!

Having trouble with complex shapes?  Getting stuck on circles?  Not sure how to plan and weave your design?  This might be the class you're looking for.  In this hands on workshop we'll be working with cartoons and exploring techniques to help you make your tapestry dreams come true.

Specialty Workshops

There are so many ways to weave! In addition to beginning and intermediate workshops, I also offer classes that focus on specific techniques and styles beyond the scope of the basics. These include woven necklaces, backstrap weaving, scandinavian rya, weaving as meditation and more! All of these workshops can also be scheduled as private classes.

Upcoming Classes:

September 20th Warped Weaving w/ Make & Mary

October 19th & 20th Tapestry Weaving Intensive w/ Wild Craft Studio School

Private Individual Instruction

Is there a specific technique you’d like to learn? A personal project you’d like help realizing? Do you just prefer learning in a one on one environment? I am available to help you through private individual instruction at your home or mine.

Please email for rates and to schedule: natalie@combedthunder.com

Private Group Workshops

Want to host a weaving workshop just for you and your friends or coworkers? I offer private workshops for groups of four or more at your home or office! Choose form any of the workshops listed here or choose your own adventure.

Please email for rates and to schedule: natalie@combedthunder.com